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Michaud pays female staffers more: Debunking right-wing think tank’s claims on equal pay

There is not much I enjoy more than catching right-wing think tanks with their pants down. And I especially love it when we catch them as they are screaming “Democratic hypocrisy!” A recent column in the Portland Press Herald by the Maine Heritage Policy Center policy analyst Steve Robinson tried to debunk Democratic efforts to pay women […]

New poll: Michaud, 44; LePage, 37; Cutler, 14

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling in Maine shows a rising lead for Democrat Mike Michuad, Republican Gov. Paul LePage stabilizing, and independent Eliot Cutler fading. The poll, conducted April 1 and 2, surveyed 583 people and has a margin of error of 4.1%. It has the race as follows: Mike Michaud: 44 Gov. Paul LePage: 37 Eliot Cutler: 14 […]

The ‘train-wreck’ that signed up 9.5 million

Ethan: Now that Obamacare exceeded its goal of 7 million signups by April 1, are you ready to concede a small modicum of success to this program and stop calling it a “train wreck”? Phil: Forcing people to buy a product and having it declared constitutional because it was interpreted as a tax, something the […]

Should the legislature stop the UMaine cuts?

Political analysts Ethan Strimling and Phil Harriman discussed an array of topics during tonight’s newscast including Gov. LePage’s welfare bills and which, if any, will survive. Additionally, they discussed the politics behind de-funding the Maine Rides program and the Alexander Report. Finally, they tackled whether the legislature should be stepping in to block the university of […]

Do Hampden Councilors have a right to sit out the Pledge of Allegiance?

Political Analysts Ethan Strimling and Phil Harriman discuss the controversy in Hampden surrounding a youtube video depicting two Hampden Town Councilors/Veterans refusing to stand up for the pledge of allegiance during Council Meetings. Do they have the right? How will it play out politically? Phil & Ethan also discuss a bill before the legislature that would […]

Are LePage’s welfare reforms unconstitutional, unenforceable and unethical?

Ethan: What is up with you Republicans and welfare? You spend more time trying to make it harder for people to get support in hard times than you do reducing the causes of poverty. Phil: You support people on welfare spending their money at casinos and strip clubs? Ethan: If you actually had some evidence […]

Irresponsible spending by LePage or political posturing by the legislature?

Yesterday we spoke with our political analysts on two hot button issues in front of the legislature this week. The Legislature voted to defund the Alexander Report and while Phil Harriman said it’s political posturing, Ethan Strimling said the report had major flaws. “The legislature is saying if you aren’t going to stop this irresponsible spending […]