New poll: Michaud, 44; LePage, 37; Cutler, 14

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling in Maine shows a rising lead for Democrat Mike Michuad, Republican Gov. Paul LePage stabilizing, and independent Eliot Cutler fading. The poll, conducted April 1 and 2, surveyed 583 people and has a margin of error of 4.1%. It has the race as follows:

  • Mike Michaud44
  • Gov. Paul LePage37
  • Eliot Cutler14

It should be noted that the poll was paid for by a decidedly left-leaning organization. That said, PPP is well known for its accuracy, especially in Maine. A link to the poll can be found by clicking here.

Assuming the above numbers are accurate, there are two things of note. The first is that this has clearly become a two-person race and the “anyone-but-LePage” movement is beginning to coalesce around their choice (Michaud).

Second, although LePage has done a masterful job setting the political conversation statewide on his lily pad (welfare reform), the issue does not appear to be resonating with voters beyond his base.

While it is still very early, these numbers are certainly promising for Michaud.


Posted by Ethan Strimling