Irresponsible spending by LePage or political posturing by the legislature?

Yesterday we spoke with our political analysts on two hot button issues in front of the legislature this week.

The Legislature voted to defund the Alexander Report and while Phil Harriman said it’s political posturing, Ethan Strimling said the report had major flaws. “The legislature is saying if you aren’t going to stop this irresponsible spending we are going to step in,” said Strimling. “The fact is they don’t have the votes to override the Governor’s veto. This is political posturing,” said Harriman.

Both Harriman and Strimling agree MaineCare rides is a mess and that is why the state ended the contract.

On another front, Governor LePage has offered four bills to limit where welfare funds can be spent and what one needs to do to get them. Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling agree that they want the money to be spent correctly, not on alcohol and bail money.

“The problem is how to implement it,” said Harriman.

“These proposals are doing nothing to help people get out of poverty,” said Strimling.

Strimling said the proposed laws are inefficient and will actually hurt people because the applications are difficult and it can cause a witch hunt mentality.