Monthly Archives: October 2013

The tea party: No longer a faction of the Republican Party

As the recently “averted” political and economic crisis got kicked down the road, many pundits are referring to a civil war within the Republican Party: the tea party vs. moderate Republicans. Unfortunately, this statement is not accurate. Based on the actual votes, it appears they have become one and the same. I always say to […]

A pox on both their houses for Dems, GOP?

Ethan: Now that the Republican brand has dropped to an historic low of 24 percent approval, any advice you’d like to offer your party? Phil: Your question overlooks the 39 percent approval of Democrats, even after the president and his media have blamed Republicans for all that is wrong in D.C. Wouldn’t you agree that approval […]

Tilting at windmills

The company from Norway that wanted to build a wind farm off the coast of Maine has pulled the plug on the project. Statoil had first proposed it nearly three years ago. But, it recently put its plan on hold after the LePage administration pushed to reopen the competitive bidding process so that a company […]

EMILY’s love of Emily is a very big deal

A very important announcement in the Democratic primary for Congress in Maine’s 2nd District (Rep. Mike Michaud’s district) received minimal press last week. The organizational powerhouse for pro-choice democratic women, EMILY’s List, endorsed Emily Cain for Congress. Why is this significant? Two reasons. First, EMILY’s List is very rigorous in their endorsement process. There are […]