Monthly Archives: August 2013

$200,000 for a state senate seat?

Democrats, Republicans, and Greens have spent over $200,000 to win a state senate seat in Sagadahoc County. Why is this seat so important and what is at stake? Plus, Bruce Poliquin announces he is running for Congress on a conservative radio show and then makes himself unavailable for any press. What is he thinking choosing this path and […]

Could the GOP have had a worse week?

Ethan: Aren’t you glad you aren’t Republican Party Chairman Rick Bennett this week? Phil: How so? Ethan: Let’s see, on Monday seven Republicans resign their official position with the party, and six changed their voter registration. Phil: Oh, that little thing. Ethan: On Tuesday, it comes out that Gov. Paul LePage most likely claimed Obama […]

Who would Eliot Cutler have a drink with?

Ethan Strimling interviewed Eliot Cutler on WGAN on Saturday morning for a wide ranging interview. They went toe-to-toe on Eliot’s attack of Mike Michaud on background checks, Eliot’s position on increasing the minimum wage, his willingness to fully disclose his past legal clients, his thoughts on Steve Bowen stepping down, and the difference he sees between […]

From mill worker to governor?

Ethan: Hey Phil, did you hear that U.S. Mike Michaud, D-2nd District, entered the race for governor this week? Phil: Zzzzzzzzz. Ethan: Phil? Phil: Zzzzzzzzz. Ethan Hey, Phil! Phil: Huh, what? What’s going on? Ethan: Michaud has entered the race for governor! Phil: Wow, that’s some big political news. Can I go back to bed […]