LePage asks Poliquin to take over as Republican party chair

According to sources inside the Republican Party, Rich Cebra has submitted his letter of resignation as party chair. Additionally, Gov. Paul LePage has asked former state Treasurer Bruce Poliquin to take over.

According to those I spoke with, Rich Cebra originally agreed to take the chair position under the pretense that it would be paid. Gov. LePage assured him that he would raise the money needed. Apparently, that has not occurred, the party is struggling to raise money, and Cebra is stepping down.

This occurred in the shadow of the Vice Chair, Beth O’Connor resigning last week. In her letter she declared: “I am certain I cannot refrain from violating ‘Reagan’s rules’ in other words, not say anything bad about a fellow Republican.”

In light of this, Gov. LePage yesterday asked Poliquin to take the reins of the party through the 2014 election. Obviously, Poliquin would not have to be paid. Plus, he has access to significant donors to assist the party in re-electing LePage and winning back majorities in the state House and Senate. However, taking this position would put an end to his exploration of running for the Second District congressional seat (which, of course, he doesn’t even live in).

The party has 45 days from the date of the resignation to elect a new chair. Stay tuned…

Posted by Ethan Strimling