Monthly Archives: April 2013

Do Democrats or Republicans care more about workers?

Phil: It looks like your union buddies have been pushing hard for a little return on their 2012 campaign investment these days. Democrats have had quite a couple of weeks doing their bidding. Ethan: You mean doing the bidding of all working people in Maine. Passing a minimum wage increase and defeating (un) “fair share” […]

Ethan admits Phil was right…

Governor Paul LePage has been pushing his plan to pay off the state’s hospital debt with money from liquor sales from the start of this legislative session. Despite the Democrats coming up with a plan of their own, even Ethan agreed with an independent analysis that found LePage’s proposal to pay hospitals through a revenue bond is […]

LePage team goes up on TV with ad attacking Baldacci (video linked)

Nineteen months before Election Day, 2014, it appears that election season is back in full swing. In what appears to this political analyst to be an unprecedented move in Maine politics, Gov. Paul LePage’s political arm, Maine People Before Politics, has purchased $41,775 worth of television advertising time. I confirmed the buy with operatives from […]

Surprising poll numbers on guns, governor’s race

According to an anonymous source who asked not to be identified, poll numbers being released tomorrow by well-known and long-time pollster Patrick Murphy, president of Pan Atlantic SMS Group, hold some serious surprises. While I don’t know all the specifics, I understand there are four broad conclusions we will learn: 1)      President Obama’s popularity has […]

Angus King and the gang of six that killed the assault weapons ban

This month it is expected that the U.S. Senate will begin debate on comprehensive gun safety legislation in reaction to the shootings in Newtown, Conn. Unfortunately, the one direct law that could have lessened the carnage in those classrooms, a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons, will not be part of the bill. The reason? Because […]