Monthly Archives: March 2013

Hello, LePage! It’s the people out here

Ethan: Ever since Gov. Paul LePage donned a blue tie in his State of the State address as a gesture of goodwill toward Democrats, he seems to have developed a big government streak with all this new borrowing for roads, prisons and hospitals. But the biggest is his about face on Obamacare and his openness […]

Repealing the Governor’s pension – mud-slinging or legit issue?

A senator from Aroostook County is pushing to cut Governor Paul LePage’s pension, if the Governor doesn’t win re-election. Current law dictates that even if a governor serves just one day in office and then resigns, he or she could still collect $26,000 dollars a year until they die. But, Sen. Troy Jackson of Allagash […]

Is the Governor bowing to political pressure by accepting ObamaCare money?

This morning our Political Analysts Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling spoke with Sharon Rose and Jackie Ward to talk about Paul LePage’s change of heart in possibly accepting additional Medicaid funds to cover an additional 70,000 Maine people. Is this a political decision, a change of heart, or is it simply financial. Additionally, they discuss […]

Two hospital plans enter – only one will survive. Who got it right?

This week, democrats in the Legislature unveiled their own plan to pay the MaineCare debt to the State’s hospitals on the same day Gov. Paul LePage brought his plan before a committee. Both plans would give hospitals the $185,000,000 they’re owed by the State.  But, the plans differ in how state government comes up with […]