Monthly Archives: December 2012

Political lessons of 2012

Phil: As you look back over 2012, any big political lessons learned that you’ll carry forward into 2013? Ethan: Yeah, that your party has got to learn to moderate. My goodness, from immigration to taxes to guns, you guys are off the deep end. Phil: Isn’t it remarkable that believing people should come to America […]

What do Democrats & Republicans want for Christmas?

Watch Strimling and Harriman debate the Forbes list calling Maine last in being business friendly. With business climate being the number one issue for LePage and Republicans, have their policies failed? Should LePage be publically agreeing with the list, or should he be the cheer-leader-in-chief? They also debate the new committee Democrats have formed to focus […]

How do we stop the next mass killing?

Ethan: On July 27, you and I wrote a column discussing the Aurora, Colo. massacre. Who would have thought we would be back so soon, having a similar conversation? Phil: People who suffer from severe illness and psychosis seem to morph from recluse to terrorist without warning. How do we intervene before we have to […]