Ethan & Phil live blogging the Presidential debate

Tonight, Phil and Ethan will be posting thoughts and reactions to the debate as it goes on and after. check here all evening for updates.

Ethan, 8:10pm:  All pressure is on Romney tonight. He’s down by 100 electoral votes if the election were held today. He needs a dramatic shift to alter that reality. It won’t be about zingers or one liners or showing Obama up. It will be about connecting.

Ethan 9:02: Obama gets the upper hand in the opening handshake.

Ethan 9:08: Romney looks very relaxed and very focused. Very nice opening.

Romney clearly dispelling Obama’s accusation that Romney is reducing taxes for the rich.  Rather Romney makes clear relief for middle class and no tax reduction for the wealthy that increases the deficit.

Phil 9:23: Obama resorts to blaming Bush, then claims he is of Clinton philosophy of government.

Ethan 9:27: Romney is handling this debate very well. More relaxed and forceful than I have ever seen. Exactly what he needs to be doing.

Phil 9:37: Obama gives wind/ solar energy sector in 4 years the equivalent of 50 years of incentives US incentivized oil companies to explore.

Ethan 9:43: Obama is winning with the facts, but he is coming across a bit too much like a professor.

Phil 9:47 Romney makes clear NO changes to Medicare for citizens age 55 or older.  Obamacare cuts reimbursement to doctors and hospitals now causing doctors to declare they must limit the number of senior patients they will see.

Phil 10:02: Obamacare. increased taxes, Medicare cuts, employees losing current coverage rammed through congress without a single vote by a Republican on a matter of such personal and profound financial implications, unlike in MA. when Romney was Governor where he earned support of a Democratic controlled House and Senate.