King pledge officially broken – launches ad attacking Summers

On September 20 I posted that it “appeared” Angus King was about to break his pledge to stay positive in his campaign for US Senate. Well, yesterday, that prediction came true.

I actually think the ad is pretty good. I am glad to see King finally focus on issues and what he wants to do in Washington, as opposed to what I had dubbed the Seinfeld campaign he had been running – a campaign about nothing.

My only hope is that he doesn’t try to claim this ad isn’t negative. He should be straight up with voters and simply say, “Sadly, I was naïve when I said I wouldn’t go negative. Clearly, unilateral disarmament doesn’t work and this race is simply too important for me to sit back and allow them to punch without my punching back.”

But, please. Please. Do not come out and say “The ad is not negative. It is simply a comparison of our records.” The voters are smarter than that and will be insulted. And worst of all, they will see you as just another politician speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

Posted by Ethan Strimling