Republicans double down on King

Angus King got his wish. The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has pulled the ad the King campaign complained about. However, far from shying away after Angus King called their ad deceptive, the NRSC has now produced an ad twice as long as the first.

The good news for King is that the new version takes out the lines King complained about: “Angus was making millions and millions of dollars,” (it was actually hundreds and hundreds of thousands) and “Angus King got a sweetheart deal for his windmills…”

The bad news for King is that the new version is now twice as long and adds in testimony that is equally devastating. “Angus King is willing to do anything to get people on board.” “I couldn’t contemplate them blasting the mountain the way they were doing.” “You couldn’t help but feel a huge sense of loss.” It also repeats the most devastating line from the first, “I just don’t like the idea of him being our senator.”