Monthly Archives: August 2012

Strimling meets Darth Vadar

Phil: It turns out my brother from another mother ran into none other than Karl Rove himself last week. Ethan sent me the below photo and proudly posted it to his facebook page saying “On my way to LA to visit my mother and who do I run into at Chicago O’Hare? Darth Vadar himself, aka Karl Rove!!! I […]

Video: Ethan and Phil debate Angus’ hypocrisy, Summers’ blunder, and Dill’s press conference announcing what everyone knows

Last week Strimling and Harriman posted a blog that has genereated staewide attention thanks to the Summers’ campaign. On WCSH/WLBZ they discuss Angus King being for negative ads before he was against them. But have no fear, they also take Charlie to task for his not repairing his blunder with Olympia and Dill for holding a press conference […]