Monthly Archives: May 2013

From Benghazi to the Blaine House…

Governor LePage says that his speech being stifled in the state house is directly linked to the White House and the controversies surrounding the President. Plus, he commented that Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, her husband and his newspapers are behind the push to expand Medicare. Meanwhile, Democrats are floating a plan to help balance a […]

Are we really fighting over a TV?

There’s been another dustup at the State House between democrats and Governor LePage — over, of all things, a television set. Plus, the governor makes good on his promise to veto the bill that linked paying Maine’s hospitals the $484,000,000 they’re owed in Medicaid reimbursements with the democrats’ plan to expand that program. We talk with […]

“Democrats have been masterful”

Our political analysts Ethan Strimling and Phil Harriman both agreed this morning that “Democrats have been masterful” in tying the hospital payment plan with expanding health care. Whether that will be good for the state of Maine is a point of contention. Ethan sees this as win-win; hospitals get paid and 70,000 people get health […]

“Zip it!” Should the committee have let the Governor speak?

Governor Paul LePage is still railing against the treatment he got when he made an impromptu appearance at a rare weekend hearing of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee. The committee was hearing testimony from DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew and others about a serious shortage of funding on the immediate horizon. The governor showed up at the […]