Monthly Archives: April 2013

Lobstermen and unions flex their muscle

A bill to allow fishing boats to bring their lobster by-catch on shore for sale was defeated. The same week, a right-to-work bill allowing business to hire non-union employees into a union shop was defeated. Were these bills good or bad for the economy? And who was behind their defeat. Our political analysts Ethan Strimling and […]

One meeting = three investigations. Is LePage in trouble?

In the wake of the Governor’s meeting with unemployment judges, three investigations have now been initiated; one by the Governor, one by the legislature, and one by the federal government. Perhaps this is an indication of the potential problem the Governor’s meeting could create, or perhaps it is simply partisan  bickering. Our political analysts, Phil […]

Immigration, guns, welfare led to the Boston bombing?

Phil: Immigration, guns and welfare benefits seemed to meld into one discussion in the aftermath of the terrorists attack in Boston. Do you think it’s time to amend the Constitution to address these matters? Ethan: Not sure where welfare benefits enter the picture, but I am pretty sure we don’t need to amend the Constitution in […]

Is grading schools really that bad of an idea?

In his weekly radio address, Governor LePage alluded to his proposal to issue an “A-F” grading system for Maine’s public schools some time by the end of the month. Democrats on the Legislature’s Education Committee say the plan could shame students at certain schools. LePage says that’s “nonsense.” We grade kids every day. Our political analysts Phil Harriman […]